Print this page as your order form if mailing a check.
Paypal instructions follow below.

You may order as much, or as little, as you need, and
your order will be personally tailored to the quanity
you actually do need. 

You will also received customized mixing instructions
per your order.

Name:  _____________________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________

City/State/Zip:  _______________________________________________

# of hives you need to treat: _____________

Multiply the number of hives by $2.50
and enter the total amount due:  $ _________

Send a personal check (or cashier's check if you prefer)
for that amount.  That price includes all costs which
covers your shipping, handling and domestic postage to
anywhere in the United States. 

Foreign orders may cost more.  Please e-mail for advice.

Be sure and print this page to include with your order.

PayPal is available, though this service is not on an
"auto-reponder."  You'll have to wait until I open my
e-mail.  However, I will get your shipment out ASAP. 

Please include with your PayPal order your e-mail
(so I can let you know your order has been shipped)
and a physical "snail mail" address.  In the instructions
box, please tell my how many hives you want to treat.

My Paypal e-mail is:
(click on the box to "send money" then click the
circle to indicate this is for "goods.")

Or mail your check to:         Grant F.C. Gillard
3721 North High Street
Jackson, MO 63755

my e-mail for routine correspondence:

My home page is

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