A Feed Supplement for increased hive vitality
and greater suppression of varroa mites

In the battle for survivability, honeybees (and beekeepers) face the continual onslaught of resistant mites, new diseases, PMS (parasitic mite syndrome), CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), SHB (small hive beetle), AHB (Africanized honey bees), failing miticides, diminishing forage, increased regulations, tighter restrictions and a general feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, there is yet one untrodden avenue of hope: 

honeybee nutrition

Think about it!  We've tried to stem the tide of losses with hygienic behavior, SMR, stronger chemicals, more powerful miticides and a host of old wives' cures and backwoods tonics (legal and otherwise, some that work and others that don't).

So where does it leave us?

We have been weighed in the balance
and we have been found lacking.

The most overlooked area which has been blissfully ignored has been improving honeybee nutrition.  Small amounts of strategic trace elements make a big difference.

One strategic trace element recently discovered has been copper.  This element, given to the bees in the chemical formulation of copper gluconate, is not an instant, silver-bullet, cure-all.  But within thirty days you will begin to see a marked improvement in your bees.  They will become stronger and able to endure the increased stresses of our mites and diseases.  While the exact affect on mites has yet to be determined, mite populations will begin to drop over those same thirty days.

When mixed with 2:1 sucrose syrup or HFCS, copper gluconate has shown a remarkable, two-fold benefit:

--increased vitality of the honeybees
--suppressed populations of the varroa mites

Copper Gluconate is a water-soluble, nutritional supplement (think: vitamin), and when mixed and fed in a simple sugar solution will improve the performance and overall health of the honey bee colony.

But heed this caution:  This is not an instant "shock" treatment.  It contains long-term benefits and cannot be measured in a day's time.  Have patience.  Have faith.  Let copper gluconate do its work.

But don't take my word on it.  Click on these links to read more, then click on the other links to the left to find out how to mix copper gluconate (with feeding instructions) and how to order.

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